Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Two and I'm Good at It

Just over two years ago, my friend Rachel and I had babies a week apart. Henry and John are now taking the world by storm. A few signs of the times:

  1. Your favorite word is Nope! As in: Do you need a new diaper? Nope! Are you ready for a nap? Nope!
  2. Mynt! is another favorite. It’s a variation on “mine” and follows your penchant for adding a “T” to everythingt. Megan = Megant. On = Ont. Dad = Dadt. Oddly, Mom is pronounced Momp.
  3. Screaming and flailing on the ground underscore your deeply held opinions.
But two has its charms as well.
  1. Saying “I wove you.”
  2. Standing up in your crib every morning and taking inventory of your loved ones. Where Dadt? Where Timmy? Where Kolbe? Where Ainsey?
  3. Carrying your new Thomas the Tank Engine train around. Sleeping with it clutched in your chubby hand.
  4. Doing the Linus thing and never letting go of your “bot.”
  5. Dashing to the window, overcome with excitement at seeing the garbage twuck.

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