Friday, May 06, 2011

It's Already a Happy Mothers' Day

Tim and I walked through the big backyard talking about the future. Where we all be in two years, five years, ten years?

It's conversations like this that leave me grateful for the large age gaps among my children. In ten years, Tim and Kolbe will be making their way in the world, but Ainsley and John will still be ensconced in the nest. Of course, they'll be 11 and 13, probably chock full of raging hormones and interesting agendas.

It's a bit intimidating to me that these two youngest will also have -- for better or for worse -- siblings who drive.

Tim and I shared a few laughs and then talked about assembling a time capsule. What would we put in a box to capture Now?

A few ideas:
My rickety rocking chair. It wouldn't fit, but this gift from my dear, sweet father holds memories of rocking and nursing and reading to all my babies.

Ainsley's patent leather red boots. Too, too cute.

A picture of John's excited face as we rode through the car wash yesterday. You would have thought we were riding Space Mountain.

Dave's twenty-year commemorative clock.

A recording of Tim playing Fur Elise, Kolbe playing Alouette, Ainsley lisping "I uv ooh!", and John saying "Wead to me, Mama. Wead to me!"

Photos of Dave and the older boys building, hiking, camping, geo-caching, etc. with the Boy Scouts.

A thumb drive capturing this blog.

Tim's Morse Code sheet.

Kolbe's latest Indiana Jones' screenplay.

Tim's tattered deck of cards.

A picture of the boys all sharing the giant sofa bed in Grandma's basement.

Ainsley's Dolly and 'troller.

A slew of Pinewood Derby cars.

A list of the books Kolbe just checked out of the library. A few of the titles: The Survivors’ Club, The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life, Outdoor Safety Handbook, The Worst-Case Scenario Handbook, Liftoff: A Photobiography of John Glenn.

Tim's robot.

Footage of Ainsley running to greet Daddy every evening.

Tim's Michigan sweatshirt and hat and coat.

A picture of Ainsley's small light-blond head on a pillow nestled up against John's golden-blond head.

A photo of Tim reading in bed.

A recipe for the chocolate cookies the entire family inhales.

Tim's down throw. Wait a minute! That's my down throw!

John's jeans with the frayed cuffs and holes in both knees.

Tim's Civil War poem.

Kolbe's baseball hat.

A photo of all four grandparents.

Last, I would add my heart -- full of gratitude for this quiverful of family God has given to me.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love your virtual time capsule, and the fact that the entire blog goes in. Wishing you a Very Happy Mothers' Day! You are inspiring.

Kelly said...

Thanks so much, Christine. Happy Mothers' Day to you, too!