Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Things They Say

"Mama, I love you," Ainsley tells me as we're heading to the pool "You're the whole world."

Wow. The things they say.

This morning we had yet another potty training accident. This is getting so old, so very old. For whatever reason, I've very much taken the This too shall pass line of thinking. My blood pressure has remained stable. Ainsley will not require ministry or harbor deep-seated insecurities because of her potty training ventures.

But it's getting old fast, and this morning I got cranky over the whole affair.

Minutes later Ainsley's sitting on the mini-potty. She beams at me and says, "You're happy!"

"I'm happy," I tell her. "You know what makes me happy?"


No, sweet sunshine. You should say Me not Pee. You make me happy.

P.S. Let's not say pee. Let's say go potty.


Anonymous said...

There will come a time when you will laugh at your & Ainsley's potty adventures. In the meantime I can understand your feeling a bit tetchy about the whole thing, especially in 113 degree weather.

I love "you're the whole world". So true!

Tina said...

Ha ha ha! So funny Kelly. At least you let her say potty. I remember a time (before you were married with three boys) that you wouldn't let us, your felmale high school students, say bathroom. You insisted on us referring to that place as the loo!

Kelly said...

Tina - This story has become the stuff of Urban Legend! It all started when one of my female students announced "I have to pee!" to the whole class. I swear I never banned "bathroom" -- I just felt the whole school didn't need to know what we planned to do while there. If memory serves, Kim and I came up with loo?

But it is absolutely true that having toddlers (and especially boy toddlers) makes life rather earthy around here.

Tina said...

Ha ha! I think you're right. Now I remember it was the pee word. Oh how you would sigh when we used that word. All kidding aside, you were one of my best teachers :)

Kelly said...

Tina - You just made me cry. Those were great years. One of the best things about Alleluia is the enduring nature of our relationships -- you and Kim great friends years later, the two of us neighbors and friends. I love this.