Monday, August 06, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. Ainsley was feverish a few weeks back. When she wanted to be held in the middle of the night and I was well over my Dora quotient (which is, admittedly, low), I searched for something both of us could stand and stumbled upon old, old episodes of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. This was back in the day when the sextuplets were toddlers, and Jon was still in the picture.

Ainsley was mesmerized. She couldn't take her eyes off the screen that showed herself times six running around the house, the cornfield, the zoo.

2. Yesterday, Ainsley wanted a show and kept saying "Kay plussing! Kay plussing!"

Apparently I speak fluent toddler. I eventually deciphered that Kay Plussing was Kate Plus Eight. Not content with just any old episode, Ainsley had her sights set on the episode about potty training -- clearly a subject near and dear to her heart.

John took in about thirty seconds of six toddlers running around in pull-ups and said, "TMI, Ainsley! TMI!"

3. On a subject related to potty training . . . I emailed my friend Rachel to see if she wanted to split the shipping on a Hanna Andersson order. Let me just say that for two women who waited a l-o-n-g time for girls, Hanna is unquestionably the near occasion of sin and/or financial ruin. But they have awesome sales! They also carry great tights and underwear.

Rachel wrote back: Did you end up ordering from Hannah? Anna sent me the cutest underwear (panties?) for Isabel from Gymboree, so that might be a good option as well!

For the record, Ainsley is emphatic that she wears panties, NOT underwear.

She reminds me of an old Army buddy of mine who married a woman with four daughters. He and his wife then had a boy who one day informed dad that he was putting on his panties. Dad donned his best Army voice and said, "Son, we're men, and we wear briefs!"

Whatever you call them, I'm glad my daughter is finally wearing them and keeping them more or less dry and clean.

5. I spoke too soon.

Ainsley just now woke from her nap and said, "I'm super wet. I need a new bed. I want a purple bed that's not peed in."

Can't blame her for that and from the look and scent of her clothing, she may not be exaggerating about needing a new bed..

6. If I wind up stark, raving crazy, you can blame it on two sources: an Optimus Prime Voice Activated Helmet and an Indiana Jones Sound Effects Whip.

Cruel and unusual punishment, both of them. And when the kids are distracted for just a minute -- maybe watching another episode of "Kay Plussing" -- back to the attic they'll go!

7. And it's good to laugh about all the crazy antics in life because -- you know what? -- suffering, hopelessness, and grief lie all too close at hand. I would covet prayers for a friend who desperately needs healing -- physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

Have a blesssed weekend. Kiss the people you love. Call the lonely. Pray for the hurting.

(And head over to Jen's to add your Quick Takes before it's too late).

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