Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Five Favorites

Hallie , who just delivered baby Charlie, is rounding up Five Favorites. Naturally, Hallies' Five Favorites are all pictures of her gorgeous newborn.

I hesitate to participate because, on considering my favorite things, I immediately snapped a picture of this:

This, my friends, is Joke Master Junior. If you have a child between five and twelve, this is a most excellent source of jokes that will not embarrass you when retold in front of the pediatrician or the parish priest. What does a rain cloud sleep in? Its thunderwear.! That's as racy as it gets.

But, see, most people participating in Five Favorites post pictures of things like this:

Mismatching, but coordinating, linens!

Stunning, stunning, stunning! Might just inspire me to revisit my brief period of sewing pillow cases.

But back to the mundane . . . I also snapped a picture of this:

If you want police drama that's not gory, crimes that are just normal crimes, excellent actors, and interesting characters, try Foyle's War.

Here's another Fav:

It's not the guitar; it's the hook that keeps the guitar off the floor, off the bed, off the couch. If I ever write a book about housekeeping with kids, I would highlight one nugget of wisdom: Make it easy for kids to put things away and they just might try it once in a while.

And there's this:

I get flowers every day. And the dandelions disappear from the yards. Win-win!

Head over to Hallie's, pour over pictures of her baby, and add your Five Favorites.

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