Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Five Favorites - The Home Sweet Home Edition

Hallie over at Moxie Wife is rounding up Five Favorites. One week after our month-long sojourn came to an end, I am reflecting on all the things I've enjoyed this past week.

1. Zinnias.

Where have all the flowers gone? Answer: nowhere!

 I typically return home to a flower bed that resembles a dried up patch of tumble weed. I did one last mulch and weed effort before we left town for a month, and we returned home to more flowers than weeds. Yeah!

2. Piano music.

Fifteen-year-old Tim has been playing piano non-stop since our return. Do you know what Tim said to me the other day? You'll never guess.

Thanks for making me stick with piano.

I should go record this in his baby book. The schlepping, the endless Time to practice!, the crowbar I employed to get him out of bed in the morning during that really unpleasant season we tried piano lessons before school?

Worth it, worth it, worth it!

He now loves playing. Loves it! In the midst of my many, many, many failures in the realm of parenting teenagers, I score one humble point.

Thanks for making me stick with piano.

I may have to cross-stitch that one something or maybe not but still . . . Huge. Just huge.

3. Papa's tomatoes.

My father-in-law must break gardening records in two areas: produce per square foot and taste. Modest-sized garden, enormous crop year after year of the most flavorful tomatoes I have tasted anywhere, ever, amen.

4. Back-to-school shopping.

And it's not just 'cause the kids will be out of hair soon.

No, really.

I love buying fresh supplies. Clean slate and all that. I love buying things I know will excite the kids. Buying eleven-year-old Kolbe accessories for his first locker. Finding a Justice League notebook I knew would make six-year-old John smile.

The price tag for all this gear? Not one of my favorite things.

5. Antibiotics!

On our drive home, my throat started to burn and my glands started to swell. I was sick, sick last week and now feel great. If I can just remember to finish the antibiotics now that I'm feeling better.

Head over to Hallie's and add your favorite things.


Kris said...

Along the lines of the piano comment..... When my now Senior in high school (makes me cry just typing that!) finished his first week as a freshman (after homeschooling for 4 years), he came home and thanked me for making him do all the grammar I made him do year after year. Thanked me! And also threw in a "you were right, Mom"! Music to this momma's ears, I tell you!

Catherine Balducci said...

And I'll be having my son read number two (piano notes) when he gets home this evening....

Lisa said...

There are very few things in life more enjoyable than buying school supplies...

Kelly Dolin said...

Yeah, Kris! Grammar rocks.

Catherine, Press on!

Lisa, I totally agree!