Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Were You Raised in a Barn? Would You Like Some Hay?

So we are packing up for a road trip. This process follows an invariable path:

Step #1 - Congratulate myself that I am -- against all odds and despite a busy swim schedule -- caught up with laundry.

Step # 2 - Tote a suitcase to Ainsley's dresser and there unearth the mother-lode of dirty clothes.

Step #3 - Repeat Step # 2 for John, Kolbe, and Tim.

Step #4 - Think back to that YouTube video (remember A Mom's Rant) and recall that classic line: Were you raised in a barn? Would you like some hay?

Step # 5 - Embark on a marathon session of laundry, giving thanks all the while for the conveniences of modern life.

Step # 6 - Check Dave's dresser and thank our good and gracious Lord I married a man so tidy he could step into the Marine Corps and never miss a beat.


Kris said...

Thankfully, my children have been rigorously trained to sort their clothes in the appropriate laundry hamper conveniently placed in their bathroom. But it is NEVER empty. No matter how much laundry I do. There is no "caught up". And I have recently noticed a backsliding trend in my 17-year old as I see the piles of clothes growing on his floor. Which does not bode well for college in the fall. As I keep telling him - please do laundry so you're not down to your last pair of underwear on a regular basis....!

christinelaennec said...

Oh laundry! I am so very, very grateful for my washing machine, and at the same time perplexed that our family of three generates so very much laundry...

Happy preparations!