Monday, August 18, 2014

Missing You

Still alternating between astonishment and joy that my baby is five. My mind is nothing but cliche heaven. My mechanically gifted husband managed to fix our VCR the other day. (Yes, we own a VCR and VHS tapes). The kids have had a ball watching home movies of Kolbe learning to crawl and Tim learning to read.

I'm amazed at how dim it all grows -- the chubby cheeks and the sweet lisping voices, the beloved toys and the favorite books. I'm glad I recorded on video, and I appreciate what I've archived here.

While I'm enjoying my soon to be kindergartner, here's the baby I miss.


christinelaennec said...

Lovely. I often tell my daughter, "You've always been you."

claire said...

I totally relate to this! I struggle with the paradox of loving my son and finding him adorable in his current stage, yet missing the younger versions of himself.