Wednesday, September 03, 2014

My Girl Starts School

So she started kindergarten this morning, my girl Ainsley.

All my friends were so sweet. How are you doing? The baby's starting school! Are you going to cry?

You know, I barely kept it together when John started school. The entire  morning was emotional  for me. We made it through assembly. We moved into his classroom. On John's desk we found a sweet little poem about school. That proved to be my undoing. I fell apart. I couldn't read it. Just couldn't rein myself in.

Today I was completely dry-eyed.

She's ready. Cute. Confident. Over-the-top excited. Ready.

I think she was born ready.

That being said, she appeared to be, in her vernacular, "nervousing." In about two-thirds of the photos I took, Ainsley is tugging on one or both earlobes.

But she's going to love it. I think she's going to love nearly all of it. I imagine down the road there will be some girl drama. We've dealt with boy drama, but I hear girl drama takes it up a notch or two. But for now, my girl's going to love it.

I just can't be sad about that. She's been counting down the days, modelling her uniforms, working on her "summer homework" like a pre-med geek.

And, of course, I'd be lying through my teeth if I didn't add a loud and heartfelt Thank You, Good and Gracious God! that summer is coming to a close. We've had a good summer. Really. It ended with a week at the beach that was, hands down, our best family vacation ever. But, seriously, the past few weeks have felt like the last three hours of the drive to Michigan.

I am not a proponent of year-round school. I love the change of pace, and I love a more relaxed schedule that allows time for the type of learning that involves walking through the swamp and reading books on the couch and spending evenings watching documentaries together.

But I also recognize that the lengthy summer vacation is a remnant of agrarian times when children were needed to help in the fields. Believe me, there were moments this summer when I felt someone owed me a plow and a team of horses to keep these children gainfully occupied.

 With or without the horse, we're back in the saddle again.

And away we go.


Karen said...


christinelaennec said...

Bless them all, and you too. I think Ainsley is going to be a force to be reckoned with - in the best possible way - once she settles in to her school. I love "nervousing". I hope she has less and less of that as time goes on.

Keep us posted on how your life feels now! I've been thinking a bit about my own life, now that my own daughter is able to spend a few hours out of my care every day.

claire said...

You're so lucky you were able to go into the classroom and take pictures! At my son's school, parents aren't allowed to go beyond the main lobby. I couldn't even walk him down to his classroom on his first day of kindergarten. That was quite an adjustment, after our family-friendly preschool. Good luck with kindergarten!

Kris said...

So sweet!! I dropped my boy off at college two weeks ago - miss him like crazy. But he loves it! Crazy summer here - my FIL passed away unexpectedly a few weeks, in the midst of getting Josh to college. I'm glad for a return to some normalcy - in a fashion.