Monday, October 20, 2014

A Boy and His Fort

John had his buddy Henry over a while back, and they decided to build a fort. The Fort is now John's reason for getting up in the morning.
I can overlook "aloud" --  tricky things, those homonyms -- but the superfluous apostrophe? Ouch.

It started off rough. Then they added a mailbox. And if you're going to have a mailbox, you certainly need mail. John came to me with a sheaf of papers.

"Can I use these," he asked.

"What are you going to do with them," I wondered.

He leaned in slightly and in a conspiratorial tone said, "Secret stuff."

Secret stuff. Of course. And off he ran to do his secret stuff.

The next day he wanted to install carpet. Since I was planning a yard sale, I had an old rug to contribute. I had to laugh when John returned a few minutes later to borrow the vacuum.

Today the addition went in. I found John and his friend Jonah on the roof of the fort pounding planks into the roof of the addition. I wondered where they got the wood and then wondered if Dave would have to be resuscitated when he learned of this development.

No worries.

Our seven-year-old can pound a straight nail. Dave's one proud Papa. He headed for the workroom to grab a power saw and a drill. Suddenly the project became a father-son endeavor.

The addition, it turns out, is a jail.

Ainsley came running to me with a grim report. "If I get a bad grade," she told me, "John said he'd nail me into the prison."

I don't think he intended to nail her actual person. I think the door to the jail doesn't yet have a hinge, so the only way to close it is to nail it shut. Daddy will take care of that, no doubt.

Seven-year-old boys.

Absolutely precious.


Anonymous said...

Love 7 year old boys. My 8 year old son, soon to be 9, (gasp!), melts my heart. Love his older sisters to pieces but there's something about little guys. Enjoy!

christinelaennec said...

That's fantastic! A wonderful glimpse into their world and priorities. Good for you to let him realise his creative potential (perhaps drawing the line at incarcerating his sister - if you keep the fort til they are teenagers, the jail annex might get even more use...).

Kris said...

My husband keeps a stock pile of scrap wood in the garage just for boys who want to build "stuff". They always get a "yes from either of us when they ask if they can go hammer in the garage.

Kelly Dolin said...

Anon - Yes, boys love their mamas in a special way!

Christine - Yes, the jail would come in handy for a nameless adolescent or two. The "virtual jail" has its limits.

Kris - My parents were remarkably accommodating with regard to building stuff. I have happy memories of making go carts and forts and things. Let em hammer.

Rachel said...

I love this Kel! Kinda makes me wonder, though, if Henry and John got "aloud" just right -- after listening to the girls gab... ;)