Saturday, September 12, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

I hope and intend to get back into a more regular writing routine sometime really, really soon, but until then, here is what's happening in our  neck of the woods:

1. Working Nine to Five . . . Or Something Like That

I’ve gone back to work for the first time in fourteen years. I am a high school English teacher once again. A very part-time English teacher, but a teacher all the same. I hope at least this paragraph is error free.

2. More Frum Ainsey

John found the following note thoughtfully stuck to the computer screen:

Sore. You kate pla on the kinpyotr.

Translation at the end of this post.

3. So Long, Farewell to the Pool 

I nearly wept the last day we spent at the pool, so fun has it all been this summer. Among the other high points, here's Ainsley in June:

Coach Kennedy, ever patient.
Here's Ainsley in August:

So happy:

4. Take This, Pinterest!

I don’t tend to make grandiose household plans during the summer. With lots of comings and goings, lots of travel, lots of togetherness, my plans are typically: Stay cool. Go to the pool. Don’t annihilate each other. Read. Go back to the pool.

I don’t generally paint, sew, rearrange. This summer, however, I fully intended to transform this:

Into this:

Image result for chalk paint round kitchen table

And we’re nearly there!

5. Leftovers

Here's John and Grandpa checking out my boy's first Walleye.

 6. A Room with a View

Here's what I took in while washing dishes:

And a closeup:

John - part tree frog, all boy.

7. Head over to Kelly's to add your quick takes and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Oh, here's the translation: Sorry! You can't play on the computer. I found out later that she left the note for Daddy, not John.

My girl.


Kris said...

Working part time here, too. It's the season, as I divest myself of children slowly but surely (and sadly!). Had no idea you were an English teacher! How awesome. My 17 year old had plans to become a math teacher - he would be so great at it, so I hope it sticks through college. Glad you had a great summer and can't wait to see the pics of the finished table!

christinelaennec said...

Most impressed by all you do, and wow that table is a beautiful achievement! Glad you had so much fun at the pool. Happy new school year!