Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Fourteen Points about My Fourteen Year Old

We celebrated a birthday the other day and here are a few thoughts about the birthday boy:

Kolbe is funny. As we were finishing some back-breaking yard work, Kolbe adopted a faux southern accent and uttered what is, perhaps, his best line ever: I haven't worked this hard since I pushed out the twins. Call me odd, but there's something about a teenage boy  -- one you're not wholly convinced even understands rudimentary facts about childbirth -- delivering these lines. I laughed until I cried.

Kolbe is compassionate. He is near to the broken hearted, always.

Kolbe has initiative. That boy of mine hounded me to get an announcement in our community newsletter offering lawn mowing and pet watching services. Kolbe worked hard and flat raked in the loot this summer.

Kolbe is a builder. He always has a project in the works. Grandpa should be proud.

Kolbe can turn a phrase. When he asked me to proof-read his seventh grade research paper, I circled a number of expressions I thought he might have inadvertently failed to cite. Nope. His words. Good words. His Great Grandmother would be proud.

Kolbe is quick to reconcile. A wonderful trait I hope he holds onto.

Kolbe is diligent. Thank you, good and gracious God! He dots his i's and crosses his t's and generally comes home with no homework because he is highly motivated to get it done at school.

Kolbe is grateful. Kolbe regularly expresses how grateful he is for our neighborhood, his school, the old house, the new house.

Kolbe is dependable. Best babysitter ever.

Kolbe remembers the underdog. A mom called me the day of Kolbe's birthday shindig. Her older son was invited to the party, but she was trying to find a place for her younger son. Would Kolbe mind if he crashed the gate? Kolbe didn't. He never does.

Kolbe is prayerful. Quietly, faithfully, without fanfare.

Kolbe is affectionate. Openly, faithfully,
with fanfare. And I am so grateful.

Kolbe enjoys simple pleasures. The plan for Kolbe's party? A Nerf gun war, milkshakes, and a movie.

Kolbe is fourteen!


Kris said...

What a lovely post! I love my teenage boys - really enjoying this time with them.

Debbie C said...

Kolbe is a great guy!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic post! The quip about the twins had me laughing out loud. So funny. Your children are so fortunate that you treasure them for who they are.