Wednesday, November 18, 2015

To My Boy Who Is Now a Man

I would wander weary miles
Would welcome ridicule, my child
To simply see the sunrise of your smile
To see the light behind your eyes,
The happy thought that makes you fly
Yes, I would wander weary miles
To simply see the sunrise of your smile.


Kris said...

Love. It's a strange time, isn't it? To be so proud and happy of the man you have raised and be so sad that the baby and little boy are behind you.

Kelly Dolin said...

Yes, it is, Kris. Please keep us in your prayers as I will keep you and yours in mine. I am fighting fear of the great unknown that is adulthood.

And you have to keep commenting because, you know, I worry if I don't hear from you.

Email me your last name so I can friend you on Facebook. I know I had it one time because I think it begins with a "C".

Isn't the Internet just the weirdest place? Friends who've never met.