Friday, November 06, 2009

Look Who's Talking!

The "experts" say you shouldn't encourage baby talk. I say lighten up! We mothers of two-year-olds deal with all manner of challenging behavior and face potty training to boot. Let's savor those elements of this stage that are sweet. Blossoming speech certainly is.

A few of John's milestones:

First word: Mama

First two-word combination: Hot Plate! (Said with a Spanish accent.)

Longest: Pwize! Aunt Patti gave it to me.

Melts my heart: Dadt! He is here! Dadt! (Followed by a high speed race to the door.)

Wish he’d never learned it: No fair!

Courtesy of his older brothers: ‘Tupid!

On itchy jammies: I don’t wike dem. Okay?

He’s a boy: It need new battweez.

On Ainsley: I hold it!

An odd one: It’s mah thumb dwive!

Three cheers for the two-year-olds in our lives. They are, indeed, pwecious.


Rachel said...

My favorite is definitely: hot pwate! Too perfect.

As for potty training, don't remind me!

Kelly said...

We had a good laugh over "hot plate." He said it before our waiter had a chance.

As for potty training, I think May sounds like a good time to try.

Patti Doughty said...

I'm glad I made the list! That's my darlin'. What didn't make the list was, "NO, DAWG!"

Kelly said...

He says "No, dawg" at home.