Thursday, April 15, 2010

Small Successes

1. I cleaned out my purse. See photo below.

2. A friend shared a story from many years ago when she was a novice nun. Her mother superior emphasized doing small, menial tasks with great love.

Yesterday as I was reading to John, I was sorely tempted to skip parts and Just Get It Done Already! Instead, I snuggled a little closer, read every word, did the voices, and cherished a few moments of this very short season.

3. I presented The Parable of the True Vine to a sweet eight-year-old boy who was far more interested in making a paper airplanes. Instead of making him fit into the presentation, I fit the presentation to him. Then I made him a paper airplane.

What small things have you done with great love?


SherryTex said...

Awesome. Awesome story. We all have that, we're almost at the finish line it's time for bed if I just skip over a bit it will happen sooner moment sometimes. But we know skipping is like eating fat free ice cream. We can do it, but it never satisfies as much as the real thing. Good for you.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Sherry Tex.

Suck the joy out of reading to save two minutes. Oh, it's so tempting, though!

Sarah said...

I love this Kelly! It's so encouraging! I hate myself for it, but James always tells me he wants snuggles when I am in the middle of something, like skinning the raw chicken, and sometimes I say no because I'm busy, which I am. After that talk, I've been letting go of my agenda and saying yes, after I wash my hands of course!