Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Small Successes

FaithButton Join the women of Faith and Family as we encourage one another. Here are a few highlights from our week:

1. I spent most of Tuesday night comforting a sick Ainsley. I finally crashed around 4:00 a.m. and then overslept. Waking the boys at 7:45 when they need to be out the door at 8:10 is usually a prescription for threats and yelling. Instead I turned to bribery and offered them breakfast at McDonald's if they could be ready to roll in five minutes. Mission accomplished in about seven minutes! What could have been a rotten morning was, in fact, both tasty and fun.

2. I wish I could say the same for the afternoon. A napless toddler and other kids under the weather led to meltdowns and messes and one grumpy mother. When will I ever learn to just tune it out already?

But, since we are focusing on successes, I will note that my children will never be able to say their parents didn't model how to make amends when they blew it. I apologized, and we ended the evening on a positive note. As I kissed their slumbering heads, I prayed a prayer a friend taught me: Lord, bridge the gap between what they've needed and what they've received.

3. Plans are in the works for Tim's 13th birthday bash. Lots of progress yesterday.

What about you?


JJ's Mom said...

Great successes! And I love that little prayer! Thank God for filling in our deficiencies...

Nicole said...

#1--inspiring! :-) I wish I could always remember to be that way, too.

Well done.

Kelly said...

JJ's Mom - God does fill in our deficiencies! Thanks for the encouragement and the visit!

Nicole - #1 made it to the list because I don't usually think to try a different (and better) way. I want to think out of the box when problems come my way. Thanks for reading and commenting!