Thursday, November 18, 2010

Small Successes


Earlier this week, the kind comments of readers touched my heart and added a little pep to my demeanor. Encouragement is powerful! Join the women of Faith and Family as we encourage one another. This may seem like a trivial or even self-absorbed activity, but I firmly believe in the value of cheering each other on as we continue the great and arduous job of building homes and raising children.

Here are a few highlights from our house:

1. I patched the drywall in our kitchen. Sadly, John saw the glistening spackling compound and thought it was frosting. Ran  his finger right through it! Hope he didn't eat it! I've looked at that hole for at least a year, and now it's gone. Time to paint.

2. The 13th birthday bash was so much fun - pizza, bottle rockets, hours of The Settlers of Catan, a sleepover with six middle school boys.  Amazingly everyone was asleep before 1:00. All the festivities have distracted me from fully contemplating that we now have a teenager in the house!

3.  It's pecan season here in the southeast. I'm coordinating the Boy Scouts' efforts to sell pecans to pay for summer camp. Week one netted the boys over $200! We have enjoyed spending afternoons picking pecans in the beautiful Fall sunshine.

What have you been doing?


Lynn said...

Congrats on filling in the hole - we have few that have been staring at us for over a year!

Anonymous said...

We've had a busy week of school, work and some nursing of viruses. But this week also included my daughter being invited to the cinema by a new friend - so happy for her! - and our son coming up for a brief visit, which was great. As Thanksgiving isn't a holiday in Scotland (except there are Thanksgiving Services in October), we had a little Thanksgiving meal this afternoon, made by my adorable husband, so we could share it with our son. Lots to be thankful for.

Kelly said...

Lyne and Christine -

Thanks for visiting!

So neat to get a visitor from Scotland! Hope that everyone starts feeling better.

Have a great week!