Thursday, January 20, 2011

Small Successes


In the past 24 hours I have:

1. Written a sappy post about enjoying quality time with your kids when they are sick.  The Pollyanna in me was trying to adopt a "glass is half full" mindset while the household consisted of:

1. A teenager with strep.
2. A nine-year-old and a baby with virulent stomach bugs.
3. A three-year-old in fine form and full of energy.

2. Succumbed to the stomach bug myself. "Quality time" degenerated into barking orders while huddled in the fetal position (me) and enjoying a marathon of Star Trek and Clifford (them). I did manage to drag my sorry self into motion and hurdle various messes to get to Ainsey when I heard someone yell, "I think the baby's drinking medicine!" False alarm, thankfully.

3. Awakened to feel 75% better and so very, very grateful for:

1. Good health
2. Good kids
3. My washing machine
 Looking forward to a better weekend.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly I really hope you are feeling immensely better very soon. That sounds extremely tough! And I don't think your earlier post was sappy.