Friday, April 15, 2011

High Brow Humor - Part II

Kolbe is talking to Ainsley, going through the words of Good Night Moon, one of her favorites.

He begins, "And the quiet old lady whispering..."

"Shut up, fool," Tim interrupts.

That resounding thud? Why that would be Margaret Wise Brown rolling over in her grave. 

Meanwhile John is wandering through the house singing a new take on that stodgy Christmas classic, Walking in a Winter Wonderland. The alternative version is called Walking in My Winter Underwear. Let me share a verse with you:

Does it scratch? Yes, it scratches!
Does it itch? Yes, it itches!
With a tug and a pull, a hundred percent wool.
Walking in my winter underwear!
Amazing what boys learn sitting around the campfire with their buds. Even more amazing that this mom hears these things and laughs until she cries.


Anonymous said...

That's too funny. Goodnight Moon will never be quite the same again! (And I want to see High Brow Humor Part I!)

Anonymous said...

Love it, Kelly! Thankfully Lawrence hasn't come home singing that yet...I'd be laughing, too, while threatening discipline if he didn't stop. Why is it that if sung once or twice by friends it's funny, but sung over and over by your child - or someone else's child - it's annoying? While I'm here, I'll ask for prayers. Lawrence was diagnosed with strep throat this morning, so they put him and me (I have a slightly irritated throat) on antibiotics. If I'm no longer symptomatic on Sunday, Dr. Speese will still induce. So pray no one else gets sick - or else they do so by tomorrow morning (and it's strep and not something else!). Thanks and God bless - Laura