Thursday, April 07, 2011

Name Dropping and Nightmares

So Kolbe comes home from a camp out and announces, "Augie's Mom is in Boston. Why didn't you go to that L.L. Bean thing?"

That L.L. Bean thing? After a second or two, I realize he probably means Danielle Bean, not L.L. Bean.

So Danielle, you are officially famous if a nine-year-old approximately eight states away drops your name. You are in the fine company of Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers (although my boys don't ridicule your haircut or mock your singing. Sorry, Justin! Sorry, Jonas Brothers!)

With all that somewhere in my subconscious, I had a dream about the Mom's Day Away. There I sat enjoying the talks and the fellowship when I suddenly remembered that I had brought three-year-old John along with me. I wracked my brain but could not for the life of me think of where I had left the dear boy. In my hotel room? In the bathroom?

I starting tearing around the hotel in sheer panic. I called the police. In real life, I moved into that half-waking stage and willed myself to concoct a happy ending to the story.

The police arrived with my precious John in tow and did not arrest me for neglect. I woke up with my heart racing. I found John and gave him a big smooch.

So here's another round-up of Mom's Day Away -- from the Mom who was there only in her dreams.


Danielle said...

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! Thanks for sharing such a sweet and funny story. I hope you can make it to the next "L.L. Bean" event for real! ;-)

Kelly said...

Thanks for visiting, Danielle!

To anyone who read my original post...I admit that I am fairly ignorant of most happenings in pop culture. I further admit that for many years I thought Justin Bieber's name was Justin Beaver. But never did I think his name was Justine.

I've got to speak with my editor.