Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Adjectives

Sweet -- Spending the evening listening to two-year-old Ainsley's  non-stop chatter.

Determined -- Four-year-old John in the doctor's office: I am NOT getting a shot already.

Novel -- Waking up from a nap because an earthquake (minor, thank goodness) hit the East Coast and sent a tremor all the way to Georgia.

Pathetic -- Ainsley seeing me crying (due to a very emotional prayer time) and asking, "John hit you?"

Compassionate -- Dave letting John watch as much Bob the Builder as he wanted after enduring four shots.

Fun -- Playing cards with my favorite teenager.

Memorable -- Ainsley dancing around my bed wearing a bra.

Worrisome -- The dental work I'm having done tomorrow.

Invaluable -- Friends who pray with me and for me.


christinelaennec said...

Oh we both have the dentist tomorrow - snap! I will send you good thoughts while I lie back and think of someplace like a beach in Greece... or white lilac...

Kelly said...

So you like the dentist as much as I do?!