Friday, August 12, 2011

Te ood, te Bad, and te Funny

The Good

I found my mis-placed cell phone and a $20.00 bill. Nothing so fun as free money.

The Bad

I spilled coffee all over a crowded desk, and the mess leaked into our very nice keyboard. After a complete dismantle, the keyboard works just great except for the letters G and H (as evidenced by the headline).

I'm pretty sure replacing the keyboard will cost more than $20.00.

The Funny

One of the boys  spent a lengthy time trying to convince me that Elvis Presley himself  (not an impersonator) once appeared on American Idol. This boy's best friend just mentioned that his eighty-year-old grandfather was born in the sixties.

All of this makes me laugh which, in the light of the coffee and keyboard debacle, it a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about your mishaps, Kelly. At our house we have broken a prized bowl, broken a flower pot of our neighbour's, and smudged a beautiful piece of our daughter's art by spraying fixative on it. I think you'd enjoy the video that Dorit has posted on her blog, about vulnerability and connection:

As I don't have to tell you, the material things are far less important than the love and laughter you have in your family!