Monday, September 12, 2011

Let Our Little Girls Be Little Girls

This piece on the sexualization of pre-school girls is spot on. It is repulsive to me that so many people -- from parents to television producers -- think that dressing three-year-olds like prostitutes is entertaining.

Many years before Ainsley was born, I was shopping in a popular department store and sighted a t-shirt in the girls' department that had a graphic and a line that both clearly referenced losing your virginity.

Who manufactures this garbage, I thought, and what parent would actually purchase it?

These were not marketed to teens earning clothes' money while working the drive through at McDonald's. These were sized for six, eight, and ten year-old children who obviously weren't buying their own wardrobes.

I love having a daughter. I love dressing her up. I wouldn't want to know how much money I've spent on bows and clips in the past 25 months. When she was running around in John's Batman cape the other day, I thought it was time we invested in some girlier dress-up clothes.

Padded bras and plunging necklines, however, will not be on our shopping list.

Shame on TLC. Shame on parents who seem to have no qualms about sexualizing their daughters.


Anonymous said...

I really am speechless. What is the matter with people?

Kelly said...

As if it's not already a tough world for young women. Defies all logic and decency.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree...I love allowing my little girls to be little girls and my boys to still be "somewhat little" boys. You're only young once, and once the innocence is lost you can't get it back. ~Laura A.