Thursday, September 29, 2011


Maybe you penned a piece about assuming the best, considering the good-heartedness of family members, measuring your responses.

Maybe you meant every word you wrote.

Maybe a short time after you hit "post," one of your darling offspring blatantly and somewhat brazenly defied a clear and simple instruction.

Maybe you offered a calm, reasonable response.

Maybe in the midst of your calm, reasonable response, you moved a bike which then fell and slammed into your foot.

Maybe you uttered something best left unsaid.

Maybe you briefly reflected on the fact that you routinely ride the kids for saying idiot, hate, stupid, and a few others words far tamer than the one you just let fly.

Maybe you remembered what a priest once said about the members of his order: I'd be really holy is it weren't for you people.

Maybe you moved past this thought, made amends and decided to try, try again.


Alishia said...

Maybe I got so mad at my daughter for continually ransacking my husband's hardware to use as her "treasure" that I thought of your previous post (specifically, what do I want my children to remember of me) while I was ranting at my daughter and said mean-spirited things to her. Maybe.

Most definitely, however, I apologized. That is, IF I was ever mean-spirited in the first place.

Kelly said...

But of course I'm sure you really weren't mean in the first place!We're all so consistently nice (except when we're not).

Thanks for stopping by, Alisha.

Anonymous said...

I think you've very aptly described the gulf that exists between our bloggy on-display selves and Reality! And I'd say: take the advice of your previous post, and recognise that you had only the best intentions. Also re. that post, I'm quite sure your children will remember any number of marvellous things about you, and growing up with you, that you're completely unaware of.

I think mothers need to stay true to themselves. (Sometimes that may, perhaps, include saying bad words and doing things they regret.) Be kind to yourself, Kelly - you're doing a great job!

Kelly said...

Christine - I agree; I will take my own advice! Thanks for the encouragement.