Sunday, November 27, 2011

Something Old, Something New

So I plowed through the Black Friday ads. Here's what I discovered:

1.       A New One  - Vehicles you color. These are sort of like tents in the shape of Mater, the pick-up truck, or the space shuttle. They come in black and white with a collection of markers. The amazing thing? If you believe the ad, the whole family participates, and everyone colors in the lines.

       No store hoping to hawk these jobbies would care to run a photo of what my family could do with them. Of course, one of my nameless offspring once got his hands on a Sharpie and colored his private parts Kelly green – and this the night before his three year-old check-up.

       We won't be buying one of these.

2.       An Old One – Race cars and track. As a child I spent hours and hours and hours sitting in the basement racing cars with my brother. I get all nostalgic when I see these things. The problem with revisting childhood toys is that I typically wind up disappointed. So many toys and games from my childhood are now a plastic, flimsy knock-off version of what they were forty years ago.

       We'll file this under we’ll see.

3.       A Deal – Puffer jackets for $9.99. Maglite flashlights for $15.00.

4.       Huh? – A radio-controlled Giant Flying Shark.

5.      Never Again – Microscopes and Kerplunk. Cheap microscopes? These just never really work. I think you have to get a lab quality model to inspire the oooh! And ahhh! you’re going for.  As for Kerplunk – marbles and sticks under every piece of furniture. Much flimsier than when I was a kid and much more irritating as I am now the one rounding up the scattered parts.

6.      Worth it – Etch a Sketch for $5.99! A classic that has no loose parts. Invented by a mother, no doubt.

7.       Crash and Burn – Uno Attack. Think: The Song That Never Ends.

8.      I’ll give you mine – Alphabet Pal. Just plain annoying. Voice tends to activate when you walk in the room. Fairly sure not one child learned a single letter using this.

9.      Don’t Think So – Nearly every item manufactured by some company called Just Like Home. The Deluxe Cleaning Set – broom, dust pan, mop, rubber gloves – rubber gloves!? My Cleaning Trolley – spray bottles, scrub brushes, etc. all on a moveable cart. Optional accessory: chain tying you to the kitchen sink. This from the woman who is in love with her vaccuum!

10.   Think: Kerplunk -- Play food set and dining room collection. One hundred and sevety one pieces in all. Sorry, Ainsley!  If we purchase any fake food, it will be the collection you could scan in the express aisle -- fifteen items or less.

11.   Sand Art – What mother wills to bring more sand into her house? No need to shell out bucks for this.

12.   A Better Deal Than I Wrangled – So I was thrilled a while back when I picked up a high quality mummy sleeping bag for a mere $25.00. Then I saw the Black Friday ad that showed the bag going for $9.99. Errrrr.
I'll end with true confessions: I shopped on Black Friday. Not at 4:00 a.m. and, unlike the individuals who made headlines, I chose not to pepper-spray anyone who got in my way. But I did shop.

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