Friday, July 13, 2012

Seven Really Quick Takes

1. Selectively Deaf:

What I said: Turn on Dora for Ainsley.

What he heard: Fire up Despicable Me.

3. Totally makes up for #1:

John: Teach me to read, Tim! Teach me to read!

His first word? T-i-m.

3.  Insatiable:

Says growing teenage boy: Taquitos, hmmm, steak and cheese. I'd better have one . . . or four . . . better make it five.

4. Missing in Action: one fish, went by the name of Tony Stark.

5. Devoured by his tank mates: another fish, went by the name of Tony Stark II. So much for the Fraternal Bonds of Tankhood.

6. Warning: If you get the allusion in #5, you've watched too many Disney movies.

7. Head over to Jen's to add your Seven Quick Takes.


Kris said...

I have two teenage boys in my house. The eating is insane. They are ALWAYS hungry. Throw some sports practices in there, and you're talking 7 meals a day. Each. Our grocery bill is the 2nd biggest line item in our budget. Some days, I think we'll be rich when they are grown and gone....!

Kelly said...

Kris - I agree -- insane!It's protein, protein, protein around here. I guess it could be potato chips, ice cream, and cookies.

Two days after I do a large grocery run, they're all "WHEN are you going shopping?"

A corporal work of mercy, feeding the hungry.

Anonymous said...

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