Thursday, September 19, 2013


So it's Theme Thursday over at Clan Donaldson, and this week's theme is Store.

Store, the verb, and not Store, the noun.

Since we're in the middle of this epic household restructure, I've been thinking a whole lot about storage -- how to do, where to do it, whether or not to do it. Purge, purge, purge has been my mantra. I attacked the little kids' closet and came upon Mousetrap. Who doesn't love Mousetrap? Me, for one. We cracked a single piece of Mousetrap and haven't played the game since. But I couldn't throw it away because, heck, we were only missing only piece. I don't like games that can't happen for lack of a single piece. 

While the kids were safely out of sight, I boldly began to walk Mousetrap to the trash can. 
Usually I do this under cover of darkness, double bag the items to be pitched, and deposit them by agreement in my neighbor's can. 

No kidding.

After one mega-purge, my kids were in the backyard playing hide and seek and one of them hid in the trash can full of items purloined from over-stuffed closets and toy boxes. I learned my lesson. Dump it off site.

On my way to the neighbor's trash can, I noticed that the Mousetrap box was unusually large and really quite sturdy (unlike most game or puzzle boxes). I dumped the pieces and kept the box and -- get this 
-- fit about ten board games inside of one single box.


Yahtzee is one cup, five dice, and some score cards. No need for a box. Twister? Tiny, really.

Head over to Cari's, check out her cool, retro finds, and congratulate her on her upcoming book.


Laura said...

Very clever on all counts :)

Annery said...

Glad you found them before they were secreted off-site!

Rebekah Es said...

That's awesome. And yes, I agree, I totally have to sneak every time I get rid of anything. Worst is when they find the Goodwill pile stashed in the back of the car. That always takes explaining!

Kelly Dolin said...

Thanks, gals. My daughter can't part with clothes that are two sizes too small. Problem is, Mama is kind of attached to them as well.