Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let It Snow

Under normal conditions, it would be difficult to imagine a Great Day that began with dental work and a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles, but it has been a great day around here. When you live in Augusta, Georgia, and the forecast reads “100% chance of snow,”  let me tell you, excitement runs high. 100% chance! Accumulation of 2-4 inches! The kids, naturally, are over the moon, but, really, most adults are just as stoked.

So after the DMV (not so bad, really) and dental work (more involved than I anticipated. Is there a trend here?), I and the rest of Augusta went to the grocery store. A Facebook meme captured it best: Milk, bread, and eggs? What is it about snow storms that make people crave French toast?

As for me, I was after a little comfort food. School had early dismissal today and no school at all on Wednesday. I pictured leisurely days, playing in the snow, lounging in our jammies, eating chili.

And so it has been – a slow, lazy day playing with friends, indulging in comfort food, listening to Tim play the piano, taking a nap, baking a few favorites in the kitchen  . . .  and waiting for the snow.

Now, we haven’t actually spotted a flake as yet. There is, however, something meteorologists call Wintery Mix falling as I type. It’s this Wintery Mix that always trips us up – damaging and no fun whatsoever. We’ve been glued to the weather forecast, and we’re now hearing that this sleet will turn to flakes at 7:00.

Just twenty-four minutes to go. 

For the sake of thousands of Augusta area kids (and many, many adults who are still kids at heart), this snow had best start falling.


Kris said...

Any snow?? We got 2-4 inches depending on where you live. The entire city is pretty much shut down. I know you grew up in the north, as did I, so it's still funny and horrible all at the same time to watch the south deal with what would be a "light dusting"! My kids are thrilled, however!

Kelly Dolin said...

Kris - I'd say we ended up with three inches. Very beautiful, very fluffy. We're having a ball. Yes, a dusting for Detroit except for the icy rain that came first. Thankfully the sleet was short-lived, so no downed power lines and falling limbs. It is funny how we gear up for this, but without salt trucks, I'm glad we've taken a cautious approach.

One year we cancelled school on a forecast that proved false. The roads were bone dry and temps were like 50. That was kind of funny.

I'm glad we tend to make decisions early. I remember as a kid getting up at the crack of dawn to watch for cancellations and being so bummed I didn't get to sleep in.