Thursday, January 02, 2014

needle & thREAD

needle and thREAD

Linking up with Elizabeth Foss and needle and thREAD . . . but now I realize my "sewing" project didn't technically involve a needle . . . or sewing for that matter. But here it is, the antique chair I redid for Ainsley. I bought the fabric, and Dave staple gunned it together. One coat of spray paint and new chair!

My second project, an applique snowman apron, went by the wayside when I substituted a weekend in Florida taking care of my parents for a weekend at home blazing through my To Do List.

It was a good exchange to make.

And there's something about these cold, wet days that makes me want to read and sew. The apron will be a nice winter project.

And on the reading front . . . Ainsley started reading yesterday. I'll tell the tale another time. It was pretty much as fast as it sounds. Wild. For Christmas John received Grasshopper on the Road which he is enjoying. Kolbe got Wreck This Journal which he finds hilarious. Great twelve-year-old boy gift. He's also reading Pulling Off Your Shorts, a book for teenage filmmakers.Tim is rereading Lois Lowry's series that begins with The Giver and ends with Son. Interesting, thought provoking books for early teens.

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Kris said...

I bought my 15-year old this book for Christmas: Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction. He is SO in love. Thought some of yours might like it!