Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Brief Downton Critique

I skipped Downton two weeks ago to watch a bunch of brawling football players, so that just tells you I'm not the fan I once was. Still, I love that Carson, Mrs. Hughes, and Mrs. Pattmore. Funny how I like the downstairs folks better than the aristocrats, but, really, the staff garners the funniest lines.

Here are my thoughts on this week's episode:

- Isis is a goner. Sort of like the diet candy introduced in the late 70's under the unfortunate name of Ayds. Timing is everything.

- Loved this (slightly paraphrased) exchange:
Robert: How do I know Bricker didn't make that up?
Cora: Because I said he didn't.
After 34 years of marriage, there are things you shouldn't have to defend: paint choices, expenditures that aren't ruinous, statements about men in your bedroom. I love that Cora didn't shout or cop a snotty tone, but just stated it as fact. Classy. Effective.

- Someone asked the actor who plays Mr. Carson if his character would ever marry Mrs. Hughes. His response? He might, but he'd still call her Mrs. Hughes. Classic.

- Cried when Edith swiped the baby. This is why we have adoption laws. Feel sorry for Edith, feel worse for the woman who has fed and changed and rocked that baby for two years.

- The Bates situation -- Julian, my dear Fellowes, we hardly survived season two (three?) with Bates in the clink. No round two. Pretty please?

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