Tuesday, February 03, 2015

From Moving to Unpacking

So we moved. And it's been in equal parts peaceful and chaotic. We have faced lots of scenarios like the following:

1. Decide to take a shower. 
2. Realize there's no shower curtain.
3. Find the shower curtain.
4. Realize there's no rod.
5. Send Dave to the old house to get a rod.
6. Replace the rod and curtain.
7. Shower.

Terribly efficient, as you can well imagine.

Repeat this for combing hair, making lunches, going to piano, etcetera, etcetera. Slow and steady. Slow and steady.

I have oh! so many thoughts on moving. I'll whittle my advice down to these golden nuggets:

1. You need w-a-y more boxes than you could possibly imagine you would. Way more.Can you re-use boxes, especially on a short move like ours? Of course. But keep in mind the scenario above. If you're searching for your alarm clock, it just might be in a box marked "Fragile: Fine China." Good luck with that.
2. Pack each family member as if you were going on a three day trip. All the necessities -- glasses, prescriptions, chargers, etc. Put these bags in a locked vehicle that will not be involved in the move.
3. Scrounge up a few more boxes.
4. Sequester your essential electronics and their accessories, chargers, etc. and stow them in the aforementioned locked vehicle.
5. Grab a few more boxes.
6. Pry open the door of the locked vehicle and add complete bedding for each person. I did this, but didn't add sheets as I was running them all through the wash prior to the move. It's hard to make beds when you're utterly spent and you can't find sheets.
6. Boxes.
7. Add to the stowaway vehicle a  few basic tools -- hammer, screwdrivers, drill, etc. You'll need them, and you'll never find them in the chaos.
The old sitting room.
8. And boxes.

All is well, if a little off kilter. I'm cutting us all lots of slack. I was in search of a table top fan when I spotted John's backpack which had been AWOL since Friday. Score! Our friend Nick carried a recliner into the living room and out popped a library book we lost three months ago. Score again!

Ainsley's sneakers are good and lost, and I'm about to concede defeat and head to the store. Other than that, the unearthing process is moving forward.


Kris said...

The number of boxes....! I think you just count how many you THINK you need and then double. And it's always all the little random things. It's easy to pack the books and the things that fit neatly into a box. But the weird stuff, not so much!

christinelaennec said...

Well done on getting this far and having the wit to write such a funny post about it!

June Griffith said...

Moving can be quite a hassle, especially the part about packing and unpacking. And it’s even harder when you don’t label those boxes. Anyway, how are you guys doing? I hope everything’s in place already. Thanks f or sharing those tips with us. Have a great day!

June Griffith @ Arnold and Self