Friday, March 27, 2015

1. What We Found While Trimming Bushes

So the eggs belong to a Mockingbird -- a trifle loud, a bit aggressive, all told not my favorite bird. But a nest and two eggs! John is thrilled.

2. And John Is Kindhearted (If a Tad Competitive)

Ainsley brought me a precious drawing with a big red heart and "I Love You" written on it. John was not to be outdone. Minutes later he handed me this:

We overlook grammatical errors when the message is this sweet.

3. Planning Your Summer Around New Years Day

When my kids were in pre-school, teachers would approach me right after Christmas wondering about our plans for the following year. Not plans for the new year that had just begun. Plans for the upcoming school year. Upcoming in nine months. I always scratched my head about this, until I tried changing schools and realized that the rest of America has next year planned before we turn the page on this year.

Well, I think I've officially joined the ranks of the pre-planners. It's still March, and our summer is scheduled. Deposits have been sent. One bathing suit has been purchased. It's all good -- swim team and family vacations, music camp and youth ministry trips. But March. Wow.

(Note to fellow swim team members: The $70 Speedo tank suits are on the sales rack for $20 right now).

4. College Tours

Tim will go on his first college tour this weekend. Gulp. Enormous gulp.

6. A Near Miss

When you spy your blonde-haired daughter with a pair of scissors and a dustpan full of flaxen locks, your heart might skip a beat (or three) When you realize it was Barbie, not Ainsley, who got a makeover, you breathe a deep sigh of relief. And then you just might stand back in amazement at how hip Barbie looks with her trendy bob.

7. John At Play

7.  My Parents Zoomed In and Zoomed Out.

A nice dinner, a few games of chess, hours and hours of Ainsley sitting next to her grandmother playing dolls, reading books, generally prattling on and on. So sweet, so very, very sweet. Ainsley went up to Oney and started kissing her arm over and over again, and my mom started to cry. There is something miraculously, beautifully healing about the love and affection of a small child.

A blessedly uneventful week. No one sick. No daunting projects. Easter break looming just ahead. It's all good.

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Anonymous said...

A lovely collection. I find it fascinating how different people's attitudes towards planning are. We usually have to book our summer holiday cottage about 7 months ahead, and as Harris gets more popular, sometimes a year. Recently someone had to book a year and a half ahead for their cottage! But it is where our heart lies and so we make that commitment. I'm quite happy to plan a few months ahead for other things, but I am aware that some people get nervous and much prefer to "see how things are closer to the time".

Kris said...

We plan one thing ahead of time for the summer and that's our annual group camping trip with 7 other families. Our kids love it (even our teens!) and we wouldn't miss it, so that gets organized before Christmas so we secure our camping spot. I've registered for swim team, just because I have to, and we've started thinking about camps and water polo trips. And the college visits - it seems like a long process but it will go by in the blink of an eye.