Friday, April 10, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

1. Our recent trip to Washington D.C. proved that my OCD tendencies are alive and well and merely lie dormant while I'm in the confines of my own comfortable surroundings. Put me in the vicinity of public restrooms, large museums, public transportation, etc, and they come out to play, especially given scenarios such as the following:

Ainsley, spying an uneaten apple and yogurt resting on a trash! can! on a busy corner: Free food!

Me: ???

John, walking through McDonalds and snatching someone's forgotten lip balm: Free Chapstick!

Me: ???

2. When Mike, our gracious tour guide, joined us, I squished into the back seat between the little people. Another five pounds and that plan will work no more. But it's cozy. And fun. And, gosh, I just enjoy these two so much.

Back row selfie.

Foot selfie.
Ainsley a little more cheerful

3. Night at the museum:

4. And at the monument:

5. And then we came home for Easter.

Pink pastel hat, purple pastel dress, ruby slippers -- we're good!

6. And I got to read John's second entry in his Avenger notebook.

7. And now we're enjoying Easter break, and I get a hug from John along with the highest compliment that can come from a seven-year-old boy: You're the best Mom in the whole stinkin' world!

I'll take it.

Head over to Kelly's to add your Quick Takes. Please pray for the complete recovery of Kelly's son, Fulton, who has been hospitalized with serious respiratory problems.

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