Monday, June 15, 2015

Frum Ainsley

We have a few academic areas we plan to focus on this summer. One of Ainsley's goals is to practice writing phonetically. Her kindergarten teacher will appreciate these gems. See if you can translate:

  • Aelafit           (Hint: It's found in the zoo).
  • Gramathr       (This one's easy).
  • Kotijg            (Hint: It's found on Pelee Island).

Here are the complete texts:

I went toow the zoo. Thera was a aelafit.

Dear Oney,
     I love you. You are the best gramathr. 

Dear Anee Kat,
     I love you. You are the best aunt. You 
have a kotijg.

Reverse every last one of the Y's, and you see the charm of Ainsley's correspondence. I love that everyone is the best. We should all think in superlatives a little more often.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love "kotijg"! So glad you have an Ainsley in your house just now. X

claire said...

That is so sweet!