Friday, June 19, 2015

More Frum Ainsley

One more translation:

Red Box     (Hint: You have to think outside the box).

In context:

Dear Papa,
     I love you. I like to red box with you. I like yor cats.

Answer: read books.

X or KS -- it's a tough choice. An English book I love notes that, in terms of phonics, the word FISH could reasonably be spelled GHOTI if you took the GH from Enough, the O from Women, and the TI from Notion. Interesting note: Women may be the only word in English with an O that sounds like a short I.  If you like this kind of stuff, head here where language geeks congregate.

It's a wonder anyone learns this crazy and intriguing language of ours.


Anonymous said...

Oh how refreshing! So glad she can red box with her Dad.

Kelly Dolin said...

Papa is Dave's Dad. He will sit in his recliner and read to her nonstop. Patience of Job, he has.