Thursday, January 14, 2010

In the Atrium

I sat with my gang of children, and we meditated on the flight into Egypt.

We looked at the role Joseph played in the incarnation. He received message after bewildering message. And he responded, again and again, with faithfulness.

His foster Son was God incarnate and his spouse was conceived without sin, but Joseph was an unexceptional man who led an exceptional life.

"Joseph was an ordinary man," I shared. "Just as you and I are ordinary people."

And then, from the back, Kolbe piped up, "I'm not ordinary. I was on News Channel 12!"

Yes, one year on Earth Day, News Channel 12 broadcast a fleeting image of Kolbe planting a tree. His feet haven't touched the ground since.

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Ecce Quam Bonam said...

I don't have an email address for you, but I wanted to share a link to another area family's website that I happened across today. The blog-journal part of it is really good and a light-but-inspiring way of sharing one's family experience online. Nine kids, ages 17 years to one month.

If you're interested, look in the bottom right of the home page, under "news". It's not focused only on the child shown by any means. This is a very creative mom.

Their products are the reason for the site, but the mom's journal is the best part of it.