Saturday, January 09, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - The Christmas Edition

Thanks to Rachel for walking me through how to link to other blogs and to Jen for hosting this series.

A few favorite moments from our trip:

1. Watching my niece Megan spend three hours baking her magnificent Yule Log. No doubt the most lucious confection ever to pass my lips. I had it for breakfast two days in a row.

2. Sledding with my gang of boys. Watching John transform from a just-awakened and very whiney toddler to a little boy thrilled to tackle the hills by himself. Returning home to Grandma's hot chocolate. Everything she makes tastes good!

3. Riding through Auntie Karen's woods on the Polaris with a load of squirming, yelling boys. Watching huge snowflakes fall. Appreciating Uncle Curt's love for his farm. We love it, too!

4. Seeing Tim open Mindstorms NXT. It's a dream come true for him.

5. Walking Auntie Kate's dogs through a snowy park with John on a sled. The first time. The second time John came down with a major case of the whines.

6. Listening to my boys chatting in the far back of the van for 16 hours. Hearing Kolbe sing.

Actual lyrics: Sarah had a baby. It's a miracle. It's a miracle.

Kolbe's version: Your mother ate her baby. She's a cannibal. She's a cannibal.

Yes, yes, I know. It's horrible. Why can't I stop laughing?

7. Arriving home.

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