Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Kolbe, slathering peanut butter on a slice of bread: Thank you, George Washington Carver!


Ecce Quam Bonam said...

I just love witty little boys.

What grade is Kolbe in now? I haven't interacted with your young 'uns since Tim was the very new baby Jesus to my Ailish's angel in the live creche in front of the principal's house. That also was a very cold Christmas.

I like your blog, Kelly.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Kit!

I just put away a Christmas ornament with a photo of Tim as baby Jesus. It WAS cold. I remember you reassuring me that my baby wouldn't freeze.

Kolbe is in 2nd grade. He provides no end of laughs around here.

What is Ailish doing this year?

Ecce Quam Bonam said...

Big year for the boy, and his parents.

We didn't get our pictures of that scene on an ornament but we set two of them in the rear of our table top creche every Christmas. I especially love the one of Ailish standing next to the calf, holding her nose.

She's off at school but has come home today so she can get her annoying gall bladder removed tomorrow. Please pray for her.

Second sons often seem to have "big" personalities. I know that was true with my brother, and just look at what Michael Jordan became. I far prefer wit over athletic prowess, however.

Kelly said...

Definitely praying for her. I'm sure I've told you and Jim many times that I was on prayer watch when Ailish was born. 7:15 or so on a Monday morning, if memory serves.

Ecce Quam Bonam said...

It was a critical time, and look how well things have turned out! She's scheduled to be in surgery at 1:00 for 1-2 hours. Thanks for praying. I know you know how much that helps everything go more peacefully.