Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Snapshot

Try as I might, I never caught that perfect Christmas image this year. Someone was always sick, crabby, missing, or all of the above. I have found, however, that pictures I don't initially like, I often appreciate years later. Such will be the case, I believe, with the photo below. Understand that this is probably the 75th picture I took (or had taken) this Christmas season.

If I could attach thought bubbles, they would read something like this:

Kolbe: If I stop smiling, my mother will throttle me.

Tim: Find a happy place. Find a happy place.

Ainsley: Tell me this isn't an annual event.

John: Who - Weeeee!

While the composition is lacking, in another sense, this is the perfect picture, capturing as it does this moment of our lives.

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