Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Lovin' These...

Nothing tastier than baby bananas. I have to say that I'm always thrown off when the pediatrician asks, "Is the baby eating solids?" Yes, folks, this substance is considered a "solid."

Three times the price of the cheap variety and worth every cent.

Love this Bumbo. I saw one at the store, but was too cheap to shell out $30. My dear neighbor called and offered hers. Ainsley loves sitting up.


Gina said...

We have the same Bumbo for our little angel...and we love it! Do you have the tray? It might be worth looking into if you don't have it.
My older daughter wears overnights and we swear by them.

Kelly said...

Gina -

Yes, my friend gave me the tray, and it's really handy.

The cheap diapers work fine during the day, but I found myself washing sheets every morning. Not fun.