Monday, February 15, 2010

Ten Reasons I love Living in the South

June, July, and August did not make the list, but here they are:

1. In three hours I can get to the beach or the mountains.

2. Charleston, South Carolina, the prettiest city in the United States.

3. Transylvania County, North Carolina. One waterfall after another. Some make a great hiking destination. Some make a great swimming hole. All are beautiful.

4. The 25 mile stretch between Highlands and Franklin, North Carolina. Take your Dramamine and your camera!

5. Dogwoods and azaleas in April.

6. Sweet Tea.

7. Boiled peanuts.

8. Savannah, Georgia. Not quite as dramatic as Charleston but still lovely.

9. Five inches of snow on Friday; sunny and 60 degrees on Sunday. In February.

10. It's where God has called me to live.

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