Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It's Not Perfect

We have a small prayer table in our living room. The colors of the tablecloths reflect the current liturgical season. This morning we took off the red cloth signifying Pentecost and replaced it with green for the growing time, more commonly known as Ordinary Time.

John offered to help, but couldn't get the cloth unfolded. He surprised me with a comment I've never heard him say before: It's not perfect.

Of course, I assured him he had done a great job. Then I began to reflect on how appropriate his comment was. Ordinary Time, the growing time, constitutes thirty-three Sundays of the liturgical year. It's not a time of preparation and fasting and penance; it's not a time of great celebrations and presents and elaborate decorations. It's the Ordinary Time of ups and downs, minor celebrations, set backs and triumphs, and, most importantly, growing closer to the Lord.

We need - or more to the point, I need - thirty-three weeks of Ordinary Time because, to paraphrase John this morning, I'm not perfect.

From now until the first Sunday in Advent we have our biggest stretch of the growing season. May it bear much fruit.

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