Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Object of Their Affection

I'm nursing Ainsley and rocking her to sleep. She just nods off when her door opens abruptly. In walks Kolbe.

"I need to kiss Ainsley good night," he says.

He gives her a big kiss and pats her cheek and off he goes.

I resume nursing and rocking. She's once again nodding off. And once again the door opens. It's John.

"What does a coffee maker do," he wonders.

"It makes coffee," I explain, wondering where this is going.

"Dat's what it does!" he says, clearly satisfied. "I need to kiss Ainsey."

He kisses her toes and her head and off he goes.

I finish nursing and rocking. This time Ainsley stays asleep. Tim's at Scout camp so there won't be a third brother barging in to kiss her good night.

As the baby and only girl, Ainsley will undoubtedly get her fair share of attention, clothing, shoes, accessories, bedroom space, and who knows what else. If today is any indication, she'll also get an abundance of love. While all this may go to her head, I'm hoping it simply goes to her heart.

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