Thursday, July 29, 2010

Small Successes

Who doesn't need a little encouragement? Head over to Faith and Family Live! and share your successes. Here are mine:

1. My cell phone took a swim in 10 ounces of lemonade and lived to tell the tale.

2. After being up every hour Saturday night, I slept in until 8:30 Monday morning. Thank you, John and Ainsey-girl! Thank you, Tylenol P.M.! If you had told me during college that one day I would be excited about sleeping in until 8:30, well, I don't know what my response would have been. I am a different person.

3. In prayer this week I had a clear and important insight into the state of my soul. Still chewing on what it means and what I need to do about it.

What about you?


munchesmom said...

Love your list, especially #3! Prayers for you as you figure it all out.

Cell phone companies must be making them stronger for us mothers! A few months ago, my 2 yo gave mine a bath in my friend's dish water.

Kelly said...

Munchesmom -

I think you're right. My first cell phone never recovered from a dip in hot chocolate.

Thanks for visiting!

- Kelly

ViolinMama said...

Wow - #3 sounds really intense...what an experience. Praying for you.

I hear ya on #2!!!

Yeah for your phone surviving!!


JJ's Mom said...

Fabulous list! My mom's camera survived a dip in a cooler filled with melted ice thanks to my toddler....had everyone nervous because his brother's newborn pictures had just been taken with the camera.

Hope #3 continues to sort itself out...