Sunday, July 11, 2010

Welcome Wagon

This time last year we returned home from an extended jaunt north to find our house swarming with bugs of various sorts. Think: potato left to rot for three weeks. That should capture the sight and smell.

I am now a year older and wiser and thus hired someone to enter our house three times a week, wipe down our counters, take a look see and a deep breath, and report any oddities to her mother pronto. We arrived home to no unwelcome sights or smells ... until we tackled a little yard work.

This loving mother was found comfortably nesting in the yard. Dave punctured one of the three egg sacs, and - I swear I am not exaggerating - hundreds of tiny Black Widow spiders went a-scamperin'.

In my yard. Where my babies play.

Angels of God, our guardians dear...

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