Tuesday, August 31, 2010

House Guests and Rotating Beds

Our nephew and cousin Jacob has been a sweet addition to our family this week. He is witty and helpful and totally in love with his baby cousin, Ainsley.

Our house being our house, overnight visitors require a Chinese fire drill when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

Jacob took over Kolbe's bed. Kolbe headed for the guest bed. John's trundle bed migrated to our room. Not a great plan, but a plan. Except that it didn't work. For reasons unknown, Ainsley has been up to the wee hours just wanting to PARTY! So John's been in our bed, Kolbe's taken over the trundle, and I find myself doing my evening reading by light of a Boyscout headlamp so as to avoid rocking the slumbering ship.

Yes, the other night, there I was reading the fourth installment of The Thirty-Nine Clues by the light of a headlamp while eating a Reece's peanut butter cup.

I washed it down with a plastic cup of chardonnay (I'm becoming my father!! And not in a good way!!) and I was wearing my reading specs, so I guess I'm still a grownup.

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