Thursday, August 12, 2010

Small Successes


Visit Faith and Family Live! to encourage and be encouraged. Here are a few highlights of our week:

1. I need a drum roll for this one ... I sent my first text message. I can summarize the experience in one word: tedious. I feel forced to concede that texting is here to stay. I can only hope I get a little more proficient. Where is that manual?

2. Ainsley had her one year check up. She has gained a reasonable amount of weight and is no longer anemic. Yes!

3. Kolbe continues to make me laugh. His favorite cereal is Honey Bunches of Oats. He picks up the box and says, "Honey Bunches of Goats, not baaaaad!"

HT for the joke: Brewster Rocket.

What about you?


Mary said...

#3- hahaha
Glad to hear the baby is well.

Wait till you try Twitter!

Farmer's City Wife said...

LOL, #3 made me laugh :).

Texting is tedious, isn't it? I still haven't adapted to T-9 (automatic phone thinks it can read my mind and finish my words, but it's always wrong) so I sit there multitapping. Bah!

Great week! (I've loved your posts this week, by the way).

Mary said...

I learned how to text three years ago when my eldest went to college. It's the only way they communicate!. I have gotten much better over the years thank goodness. So happy your little ones are doing well.
Happy Summer!

Kelly said...

Mary, Farmer's Wife, and Mary -

Thanks for visiting! I'll pop over and check in on your week.

I have heard that if you want to relay anything to a teenager, you'd best learn to text. It's inevitable!

- Kelly