Monday, June 06, 2011


I am an ultra-couponing drop out.

I attended the class. I bought the binder. I clipped. I strategized. I came down with migraine headaches walking through the grocery aisles. This happened over and over again. No exaggeration.

My friends and mentors from the world of ultra-couponing recommended I choose one store and master couponing at that store alone. I chose CVS and really did score some amazing deals.

Too often, however, my couponing efforts backfired. Looking back, I remember a variety of failures:

1. I realize I'm nearly out of coffee, but wisely refuse to spend $9.99 at Kroger when I recall it's a mere $4.99 at Target. I zip over to Target, grab a can of cheap coffee, toss just a few other items into the old cart, and leave the store having spent $105.00. Most expensive coffee ever. Black gold! Texas tea!

2. I stack my coupons carefully and load up on deodorant for a song. My current deodorant runs out while we're vacationing. I pay top dollar for a replacement.

3. I carefully plan to make the most of Kroger's Ten Item Event. The boys inhale the Pop Tarts and throw away the box before I snag the UPC. So long rebate!

4. I stockpile toothbrushes from the dentist and from free-after-rebate offers. We arrive at Dave's parents' to find the boys have all left their toothbrushes at home. Forced to buy them for full price at Walgreen's. We then head over to my sister's house, leaving the pricey toothbrushes at Grandma's. I briefly contemplate having everyone share my toothbrush. I quickly get over the ick factor, but get hung up on the potential out-of-pocket co-pays should all of us share a nasty virus. Back to the store I go!

I conclude that, while I should save money as I can, perhaps this ultra-couponing thing is just not for me.

But then I read this and this and this.


Let me tell you a bit about the woman behind the blog. Sarah has a life, a really nice life. She does not while away her days dreaming of buy one get one free deals on dog food. Sarah has three beautiful sons. She is smart, fun, and adventurous. She went skydiving two weeks ago!

And when it comes to couponing, Sarah seriously rocks.

Visit her blog. Get inspired.


Sarah said...

You're the sweetest Kelly! I love you and I'm so glad to call you my friend! And don't worry, I've been there and I continue to be there, although less and less frequently thankfully! Keep it up!

Kelly said...

You're sweet too! It's a blessing share life with you and I look forward to our new endeaver so we can spend more time together.

P.S. I haven't sent the memo because our computer went belly up. I will run a hard copy over to your place.

Sarah said...

Got it. Love it. Excited!