Saturday, December 17, 2011

this moment


christinelaennec said...

Oh that is a picture worth a thousand words!!!!

Kelly I hope you're able to get some time to yourself, or at least to put your feet up, over the holidays. I thought of you yesterday, I ventured into the Catholic Cathedral yesterday (St. Mary's) as I sometimes do to light a candle - it was like Grand Central Station in there! Families, children, about three different services seemingly happening at the same time. I felt very much part of God's love in the world!

Kelly said...

The picture captures the little ones' reaction when I said no to some request.

God certainly does love the world. I'm glad you experienced a special touch of it.

I'm getting a little down time (and more is coming my way!). I've been thinking about how we pray "give us this day our daily bread". Some of our breaks come in snatches - not in huge chunks. I'm trying to savor these moments.