Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quick Takes

1. File this under Perspectives:

Kolbe: What's for dinner?

Me, with resignation: hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.

Kolbe, with enthusiasm: I love awesome dinners!

2. File this under Good thing our second bathroom is now finished:

A family was fined $2500 for public urination after their three-year-old, um, relieved himself on their front lawn. Read the rest here.

3. File this under Geography:

Ainsley: We live in Georgia. Not in Africa and not in China.

4. File this under I got no sleep last night thanks to a three-year-old who kicked the covers back and forth for hours on end:

Ainsley, patting the bed: I just love this space!

5. File this under Boys:
John, in total frustration: There's just nothing to hit around here.

6. File this under Why I pour a glass of wine most evenings:

I looked out in the backyard to see a band of kids getting ready to play T-ball. How sweet, I thought. I gave them the whiffle bat, confiscated the aluminum bat, and hid it under the shed. Not ten minutes later, I heard Ainsley wailing. And I knew, without a doubt, that someone had clocked her with the baseball bat. And I wasn't wrong.
She's fine. The bat is in hiding.

7. File this under Times flies:

Tim turns fifteen tomorrow. I can't believe it! His feet are bigger than Dave's, he shaves once in a while, and I don't recognize his voice anymore. The good news? When he's sick or tired and not irritated with me, he still calls me Mama and wants a hug. Love that boy. Love, love, love that boy!
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Colleen Duggan | Writer said...

Ummm, #2: We live in the country and I have a boy who loves to pee outside. Oh. No.

Kelly said...

I think this family lives on a couple of acres. The incident didn't take place ona crowed street or in a park. Good gravy.

People protested, and the fine has been dropped.

You're probably safe, Colleen!

Thanks for stopping by!

Colleen Duggan | Writer said...

We actually live on several acres as well. This is a crazy story! I confess, I did tell my husband about this, this past weekend and when my little one asked to pee outside (he loves the outdoors?), I made him use the real potty. Boys!

Kris said...

My 16-year forgets himself sometimes too, and calls me "Mommy". I love that.

49witha3yearold said...

Thank you for sharing your life. I draw comfort from the fact that you struggle with the same things I do. Your efforts to be better inspires me. And the fact that you pour yourself a glass of wine...well that just makes me smile. It helps.

Kelly said...

To 49 with a three year old - I love hearing from an older mom, and I'm so glad you find this encouraging. And I'm drinking a little vino as I type this.